The London Dance Company was formed in 2012. Our mission is to provide teaching of all dance styles nationally and internationally, by combining dance and fitness into a lifestyle catering for all ages and fitness levels, as well as providing first class training for professionals in the creative industry.

All of our instructors are very carefully selected, each being very passionate about dance and fitness, and providing top quality classes which guarantee that results can be achieved when dance is the foundation of fitness.


Based in Central London, The London Dance Company provides a number of unique dance and fitness classes, including workshops around the world for all dance enthusiasts.

We  offer an elite experience for everybody, as we believe that dance is the key to making people feel happier and more energetic. With regular attendance you will develop better posture, great co-ordination, a longer, leaner physique, the ability to pick up steps, but most importantly have fun and get fit!

The London Dance Company can also provide professional choreographers, dancers and performers for events, showcases, workshops, displays, events, flash mobs, television and film work, nationally and internationally.