T&Cs of our Memberships


Between you and The London Dance Company for a Monthly Membership.
Contract Start Date: <AGREEMENTDATE>
Contract End Date: 1 Month After <AGREEMENTDATE>
Contract Duration and Automatic Renewal: Contract is in force month by month from the Contract Start Date, with automatic renewal for subsequent months.
Agreement to Pay Recurring Fees: <CLIENTNAME> agrees to pay The London Dance Company monthly recurring fees as follows:
Rolling Monthly Membership for £35


Please read and sign below.

(a) I agree to purchase The London Dance Company Monthly Membership for £35, as an automatic charge to my credit card, or automatic debit to my checking account each month.
(b) I hereby certify that I am the holder of the credit card, or an authorized signer on the bank checking account detailed below.


Cancelling your Contract.

Contracts can be cancelled at any time. You must inform us that you wish to cancel 14 days before the next autopayment it due. No cancellation fee will be incurred to your account. To cancel your membership please give us 14 days written notice via email to info@thelondondancecompany.com